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Clinical Cases Archive

it is huge number of clinical cases in the field of Stroke & Neurointervention. This cases is sub classified into different topics , Ischemic stroke , Aneurysms, AVM, Spinal vascular disorder , Cerebral Venous disorders ,etc. with special referral to the learning points.

it is presented to be Databank for learning and training on different clinical scenarios

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Webinars & Lectures

It is interactive and static library of lectures and online seminars covering different topics in the field of stroke , neurovascular disease and neurointervention. The lectures are presented by a number of regional & international experts in the field

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International Neurovascular Diploma : is 2 years study diploma with 4 different semesters with 4 exams which will be held at the end of the MENA-SINO summer and winter courses.

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is the first international and interactive forum for stroke ,neurovascular disorders and neurointerventions . it is designed in special and innovative way to present a comprehensive platform for education, communication and discussion of stroke , neurointerventions. this gateway is based on the case presentation where cases are archived and indexed by DIO identifier . and Webinars and seminars are also are avalible for education and training


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