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case 8  


ossama yassin mansour
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17/02/2018 3:12 pm  

A 61-year-old male presented with paraparesis 3 months ago. When he visited one of other hospitals, spine MR images were taken and demonstrated edema in the cervical cord and conus medullaris region. With these findings, transverse myelitis was diagnosed and the patient received megadose of steroid for 5 days with trivial improvement.


Based on our medical record, other clinical conditions could not be achieved in detail. 


2 months later patient showed deterioration, one of our colleagues consulted for the images and clinical data of the patient. The following finding was very interesting in the old MRI.



 At this time ,  Neurologic examination on admission revealed complete quadriplegia, hypesthesia under the T7 level, and urinary incontinence.Follow-up spine MR images demonstrated diffuse edema and patch enhancement of the holocord and lower brain stem.  Where the finding in old & new MRI mandated DSA


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